1. Dehtiarova I. O. Innovation in state and municipal governance as a necessary condition for socio-economic achievements in modern Ukraine  
    Annotation. Innovations in the state and municipal government are considered as a prerequisite for solving the problems of socio-economic development of Ukraine in modern conditions. Determine their essence, substantiate the main contradictions and possibilities of application in the system of public administration of Ukraine.
    Keywords: innovations in management, typology of innovations, resource support of innovations, level of education of employees, problems of development and implementation of innovations.
  2. Diehtiar A. O., Sobol R. H. State regulation of insurance activity in EU countries
    Annotation. The formation of the European insurance market is analyzed; the basic principles of the European legislation on the insurance market are determined; the features of insurance activity in the EU are revealed, experience of British and German insurance companies is considered; proposed the main factors that would contribute to the development of the insurance system in Ukraine.
    Keywords: EU insurance market, state regulation, European insurance law, EU directives.
  3. Kucheriava K. Ya. A meaningful characteristic of the modern cooperative movement and the role of the state in these processes.
    Annotation. The change of the content characteristic of the modern cooperative movement in the conditions of intensification of competition and deepening of globalization and the role of the state in the mentioned processes is investigated.
    Keywords: co-operation, cooperative principles, traditional co-operatives, co-ops of a new generation, state support for the development of co-operation.
  4. Malikov V.V., Diehtiar O. A. World experience of the formation and development of civil society and social state.
    Annotation. Generalized world experience of the formation and development of civil society and social state; The basic models and stages of social state development are investigated.
    Keywords: civil society, social state, social sphere, state administration, social conditions.
  5. Moroz V. M. Dialectics of the content of the categories "Control" and "Management" in the science of "Public Administration".
    Annotation. The results of the comparative analysis of the content of the categories "control" and "management" in the context of science "Public Administration" are presented. The conceptual content of these categories is generalized. Their common features and main differences are determined.
    Keywords: control, management, category, interpretation of the contents, state administration.
  6. Sadkovyi V. P., Dombrovska S. M. Bologna process as one of the directions of state regulation of education reform
    Annotation. The results of researches on reforming of higher education in the direction of implementation of the Bologna system, improvement and modernization of the educational process in Ukrainian universities and measures taken in developing a new system of assessment of students' knowledge are highlighted. The statistical data of the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine on the scientific potential of educational institutions are analyzed. The state normative documents regulating the implementation of the Bologna process are considered.
    Keywords: higher education, education reform, national doctrine, Bologna process, universities.
  1. Bielska T. V. Information-psychological warfare as a way of influencing civil society and state policy of the state
    Annotation. The article clarifies the possibilities of information and communication processes in a globalized world, defines the role of information wars in the process of formation of the consciousness of mankind and the influence of information wars on the power and social relations in the conditions of the modern global stage of civilization development, analyzed the peculiarities of technologies of world confrontation and warfare, their influence on the power-public relations at the modern global stage of the development of civilization.
    Keywords: information war, state policy, power-public relations, civil society. 
  2. Dreval Yu. D. To the question about the essence and content of the mechanisms of public administration
    Annotation. The question of the essence of the mechanisms of public administration is analyzed. The basic characteristics of structural and "systemic" approaches to the interpretation of such mechanisms are revealed.
    Keywords: state administration, mechanism, state mechanism, mechanisms of state administration.
  3. Zhadan O. V. Models of state regulation of social and labor relations: general characteristics and comparative analysis
    Annotation. Models of state regulation of social and labor relations in the leading countries of the world are considered. Their comparison is made and on this basis a set of features and characteristics common to the countries of individual regions of the world are revealed.
    Keywords: model; state regulation; social and labor relations. 
  4. Kaliuha O. O. State regulation of bank mortgage lending and its connection with the stock market
    Annotation. The key problems of state regulation of the mortgage lending market and its connection with the regulation of the Ukrainian stock market are highlighted.
    Keywords: mortgage bonds, mortgage certificates, mortgages; certificates of the fund of real estate operations, stock market regulation, mortgage management, refinancing, interest rate compensation, residential loans.
  5. Maistro S. V. Environmental principles of state regulation of agrarian sector development
    Annotation. The problematic aspects and contradictions of the existing mechanism of state regulation of the agrarian sector development in Ukraine are identified. The directions of its improvement on the ecological principles are offered.
    Keywords: state regulation, ecology, development of agrarian sector, clusters, organic agriculture.
  6. Melnichenko O. A. Middle class: signs and functions, directions and means of state regulation of its development
    Annotation. Classification of features and functions of the middle class has been improved. The priority directions of the development of the middle class and the means of state regulation of this process are determined.
    Keywords: state regulation, means, middle class, features, functions, classification, priority directions.
  7. Stepanov V. Yu. Mechanisms for ensuring the quality of higher education
    Annotation. The concept of state policy in the field of quality of higher education and its implementation mechanisms should be considered as a system of doctrine, basic principles, provisions, programs defining the goals, directions, grounds, conditions and mechanisms for implementation of higher education quality policy.
    Keywords: mechanism, quality of higher education, management, society. 
  8. Tarasova O. I. Modern mechanisms of modeling effective educational practices for adults and problems of innovative development of society
    Annotation. The transition of modern society to innovation requires the revision of the education system and the formation of effective adult education throughout life. Effective educational practices have a prominent quality of the educational process, become an area of new socialization, self-actualization and self-actualization of the individual.
    Keywords: globalization, innovative development, effective educational practices, education, modeling, andragogy.
  1. Koval R. A. Information provision of the activities of state authorities in the conditions of globalization at the regional level
    Annotation. The information support of management activity of local executive authorities was explored, the work of state authorities on information provision of public relations and the problems of development of e-governance were determined; Practical recommendations for increasing the effectiveness of information support functions in the work of local executive bodies are developed.
    Keywords: information, information support, information space, state authorities. 
  1. Bublii M. P. The main components of the labor potential of local government officials
    Annotation. The basic components of labor potential of local self-government officials are determined and directions of their improvement are offered.
    Keywords: labor potential, components of labor potential, officials of local self-government.
  2. Statyvka N. V. Increasing the professional competence of local government officials.
    Annotation. The analysis of quantitative and qualitative parameters of labor potential development of officials of local self-government was carried out; ways of improving their professional competence are determined. 
    Keywords: labor potential, officials of local self-government; vocational training.
  3. Chukhno I. A. Separate aspects of state regulation of socio-economic development of regions in modern conditions
    Annotation. The article deals with the current state and problems of state regulation of socio-economic development of regions. Are offered directions of its perfection.
    Keywords: socio-economic development, regional development, state administration, state regulation of regional development.
  1. Sobol O. M. Regulatory and Legal Regulation of Emergency Monitoring in Ukraine
    Annotation. In this paper, the regulatory framework for monitoring emergencies was investigated, problem issues were identified and ways of improving the regulatory and legal regulation of monitoring of emergencies in Ukraine were proposed.
    Keywords: emergency situation, monitoring, normative-legal regulation.