All authors are required to disclose (declare in the relevant section of the manuscript) financial or other apparent or potential conflicts of interest that may be perceived as having affected the results or conclusions presented in the work.

Examples of potential conflicts of interest to be disclosed:

• Receiving a financial reward for participating in the study or writing a manuscript;

• any connection (contract work, consulting, availability of shareholder property, obtaining fees, providing expert opinions) with organizations having a direct interest in the subject of the research or review;

• a patent application or registration of a patent for research results (copyright, etc.);

• obtaining financial support for any stage of research or writing a manuscript (including grants and other financial security).

• Explicit and potential conflicts of interest should be disclosed as early as possible.

Information on conflicts of interest received from the authors of the manuscripts is not provided to reviewers and is available only to the editorial board when deciding whether to publish the manuscript. Also information about conflicts of interest is published in the full text of the article.